About the Project

The MOBIDAT database is an information system covering a barrier-free space of the city infrastructure. It was created with the support and under methodology of the similar system operating many years in Berlin Mobidat.de (the project developer is an engineer, Master of Science, teacher of professional educational institution Thorsten Stellmacher).

The MOBIDAT covers information on administrative authorities, culture, leisure, sport, education, tourism and public health services, and provides information on the availability of buildings and organizations for physically disabled people. The system specification contains a number of mandatory requirements to buildings and premises. The accessibility level of the object is confirmed by specially developed pictograms specifying the conditions of parking, accessibility for wheelchair disabled, availability of WCs for wheelchair disabled, availability of the elevator, conveniences in the hotel room, availability of the swimming pool, bathroom, gym and assistance for various categories of disabled people.

Now, on the instructions of the Moscow Government, an autonomous non-profit organization “Social and Cultural Tourism Development Centre” is conducting inspections of tourist attraction facilities of the capital in terms of accessibility for disabled people of various categories in order to add new places on the map of the MOBIDAT barrier-free environment.